Speed Enhancement Training w/ D'Marcus Williams (5 sessions)

Get faster now! By training with one of the best young coaches in California. D’Marcus Williams couples his years of experience as a national class collegiate and professional track and field athlete with his proven coaching excellence as a coach at San Francisco City College, and now at College of San Mateo. His approach to practice is to bring a high level of enthusiasm and a commitment to detail at coaching the fundamentals of speed development. Each session is 1.5 to 2 hours in length and includes: Dynamic warm-up routines, sprint drills, a well detailed workout plan that meets the daily objectives, and finishes with a proper cool down routine. This program is provides individualized instruction that is guaranteed to deliver the results you have been looking for! Currently, available in the San Jose, San Francisco and surrounding areas. Rates are $80 a session (minimum of 5 sessions). Call or e-mail us for times and availability.

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