Speed Enhancement & Agility Training w/ Jeff McAuley-1 session

Speed is a skill! And skills can be improved! Learn the fundamentals of running thru proven drills designed and administered by a nationally renowned coach with years of experience.  Improve your agility, acceleration, maximum speed, and speed endurance with guaranteed results!  Accept nothing less… train with the best.  Each session is 1 hour in length and includes activities such as: Dynamic warm-up routines, mini-hurdle agility drills, sprint drills, plyometrics, electronically timed sprints, etc. Each workout is designed to meet specific training objectives, and can be conducted indoors or out.  Packed with individualized instruction and a commitment to detail, don’t miss this opportunity to train with the coach of numerous national champions and a “Coach of Coaches”   Currently, available in Sacramento, CA.  Rates are $50 a session (plus a $2.50 processing fee).  Call or e-mail us for times and availability. 

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Price $52.50